Privacy Policy

General policy

We do not store any more personal information than is necessary.

We do not collect any personal information beyond that which you provide to us voluntarily when reaching out to us via any of the embedded contact forms or email addresses.

Any personal information provided in such a way will be transmitted to and stored on EU-based and secured servers.

No personal information shall be passed on to unnecessary third parties. Personal information shall only be passed on to third parties where strictly necessary for functional purposes, such as for e.g. to our server host provider, or to business partners, where necessary to answer queries that you may have or to provide you with services that you may have requested.

All personal information shall only be accessible to any person affiliated with or employed by the company where strictly necessary to answer queries that you may have or to provide you with services that you may have requested.

Privacy-respecting metrics

This site does not use Google Analytics because we believe it collects more personal information than necessary. Instead we use Cloudflare Analytics which only gives us access to general anonymous site usage metrics. We can see how many visitors in total our site gets, which countries the visitors come from and whether they are direct visitors or from which sources they come from. Cloudflare Web Analytics doesn’t use any client-side cookies or local storage to gather usage metrics. It does not collect “fingerprints” from individuals via their IP address or unique user agent data.


Should you have any questions in relation to this policy, or should you wish to exert any rights granted under the General Data Protection Regulation, such as your right to information, erasure or correction, please reach out to us via info[at]

General Terms and Conditions

General obligations

Use of this website is free of charge.

This website is accessible on the internet. The user agrees that they are aware of and accept any risks involved with browsing the internet. They must take precautions against the effects of computer hacking by adopting appropriate settings and behaviour.

We accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered by the user, directly or indirectly, in connection with browsing on this website or or from accessing other websites to which it refers.


This website employs client-side functional cookies.

Cookies are used to authenticate website editors or admins but these will not affect website visitors.

Changes to this website

We reserve the right to edit or suspend parts of this website or in its entirety, without prior notice or warning, for general upkeep or updating purposes or for any other reason which we consider necessary.

Therefore we do not accept any liability for any loss or damage that may arise, directly or indirectly, in relation to any such changes.

General limited liability

We will do our best to make sure that the website is available at all times. We do not accept any liability whatsoever should the website be unavailable or unusable.

We will do our best to apply appropriate security measures. We do not, however, accept any liability whatsoever if any parts of this website or its underlying technological systems are attacked, compromised or “hacked”.

We will make sure to the best of our efforts that all information on this website is factually correct. We do not, however, accept any liability whatsoever for any erroneous information, information gaps or omissions or coding mistakes that may render published information unavailable, out-of-date or erroneous. Information on this website should never be considered as exhaustive or authoritative. Information is provided for general information purposes and should never be used as investment or legal advise.

Links to other sites

Links to other websites may be found on this website and are solely provided for your convenience. We do not monitor or verify the content of those websites and thus accept no liability whatsoever in relation to the content of those websites.

Intellectual property

This website and all elements contained therein as well as the general layout and the information provided (thereafter website elements) are protected by locally relevant relevant intellectual property and copyright legislation.

Changes to these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to apply any changes or modifications to the terms and conditions of this website without prior notice or warning. This may be done in order to accommodate changes made on the website or changes in applicable legislation, or any other reasons which we may consider necessary. Users of this website must make ensure that they are aware of the latest content of these terms and conditions.


All disputes that may arise in connection with the use of this website are governed by Luxembourg law and the courts of Luxembourg have exclusive jurisdiction to settle such disputes.